QC User Manual


Access the Application

The LHS Menu

The RHS Section

Top Toolbar


Master Data


Access Company

Company Search and Filter

Add New Company

View Company Details

Edit Company Details

Copy Company Details


Access Calendar

Calendar Search and Filter

Add New Calendar

View Calendar Details

Edit Calendar Details

Copy Calendar Details

Sales Organization

Access Sales Organization

Add New Sales Organization

View Sales Organization Details

Edit Sales Organization Details

Copy Sales Organization Details

Delete Sales Organization Record


Access Payee

Payee Search and Filter

Add New Payee

View Payee Details

Edit Payee Details

Copy Payee Details

Payee Action

Create/Edit Plan

Go to Plan Document

Commission Statement

Modify Payee ID

Inactivate Payee

Delete Payee

Show Conversations


Access Product

Product Search and Filter

Add New Product

View Product Details

Copy Product Details

Delete Product Record


Access Customer

Customer Search and Filter

Add New Customer

View Customer Details

Edit Customer Details

Copy Customer Details

Delete Customer Record

Customer Actions

Modify Customer ID

Customer Job

Access Customer Job

Customer Job Search and Filter

Add New Customer Job

View Customer Job Details

Edit Customer Job Details

Copy Customer Job Details

Delete Customer Job Record


Access Group

Group Search and Filter

Add New Group

View Group Details

Edit Group Details

Copy Group Details

Delete Group Record


Access Vendor

Vendor Search and Filter

Add New Vendor

View Vendor Details

Copy Vendor Details

Delete Vendor Record


Access Category

Category Search and Filter

Add New Category

View Category Details

Edit Category Details

Copy Category Details

Delete Category Record

Currency Rate Conversion

Access Currency Rate Conversion

Add New Currency Rate Conversion

Structure Master

Access Structure Master

Add New Structure Master

View Structure Master Details

Edit Structure Master Details

Copy Structure Master Details

Delete Structure Master Record


Access Structure

Structure Search and Filter

Add New Structure

View Structure Details

Edit Structure Details

Copy Structure Details

Delete Structure Record


Access Policy

Policy Search and Filter

Add New Policy

View Policy Details

Edit Policy Details

Copy Policy Details

Delete Policy Record

Policy Actions

Modify Policy ID

Add Transaction


Access Account

Account Search and Filter

Add New Account

View Account Details

Edit Account Details

Copy Account Details

Delete Account Record


Access Household

Household Search and Filter

Add New Household

View Household Details

Edit Household Details

Copy Household Details

Delete Household Record

Plan Setup

Plan Designer

Access Plan Designer

Search for Existing Plans

Add a New Plan

Edit Plan

Advanced Calculation Library

Access Advanced Calculation Library

Edit Advanced Calculation Library

Copy Advanced Calculation Library

Goal Master

Access Goal Master

Goal Master Search and Filter

Add New Goal Master

View Goal Master Details

Copy Goal Master

Delete Goal Master Record

Goal Sheet

Access Goal Sheet

Goal Sheet Search and Filter

Add New Goal Sheet

View Goal Sheet Details

Edit Goal Sheet

Copy Goal Sheet

Delete Goal Sheet Record

Credit Rule Library

Access Credit Rule Library

Add New Credit Rule Library

View Credit Rule Library Details

Edit Credit Rule Library

Copy Credit Rule Library

Rate Lookup

Access Rate Lookup

Rate Lookup Search and Filter

Add New Rate Lookup

Basic Commission Rate Lookup

Tier Rate Calculation

Simple Commission Rate

Multi Dimensional Rate Lookup

View Rate Lookup Details

Edit Rate Lookup

Copy Rate Lookup

Delete Rate Lookup Record

Event Based Incentive Rule Library

Incentive Library

Access Incentive Library

Add New Incentive Library

View Incentive Library Details

Edit Incentive Library

Copy Incentive Library

Delete Incentive Library Record

Plan Assignment Rule

Access Plan Assignment Rule

Add New Plan Assignment Rule

Issue Resolution

View Plan Assignment Rule Details

Edit Plan Assignment Rule

Copy Plan Assignment Rule

Delete Plan Assignment Rule Record


Access Buckets

Buckets Search and Filter

Add New Buckets

View Buckets Details

Copy Buckets

Recurring Commission Library

Edit Recurring Commission Library

Copy Recurring Commission Library

Function Script

Access Function Script

Function Script Search and Filter

Add New Function Script

Add Function Script Detail

View Function Script Details

Edit Function Script

Copy Function Script

Delete Function Script Record

Payout Adjustment

Access Payout Adjustment

Add New Payout Adjustment

View Payout Adjustment Details


Edit Payout Adjustment Details

Copy Payout Adjustment Details

Delete Payout Adjustment

Calculate Plans

Access Calculate Plans

Calculate Commission

Import Wizard

Access Import Wizard

Import Wizard Search and Filter

Add New Import Wizard

View Import Wizard Details

Edit Import Wizard Details

Copy Import Wizard Details

Delete Import Wizard Record

Import Wizard Actions


Delete Transactions for Batch ID

Download QWC file

Export Payout

Access Export Payout

Export Payout Search and Filter

Add New Export Payout

View Export Payout Details

Edit Export Payout Details

Copy Export Payout Details

Delete Export Payout Record

Export Payout Actions

Download QWC file

Data Integration

Access Data Integration

Data Integration Search and Filter

Add New Data Integration

View Data Integration Details

Edit Data Integration Details

Copy Data Integration Details

Delete Data Integration Record

Data Integration Actions

Run Data Transfer

Delete Transactions for Batch ID

Upload Files

Sales Crediting Request

Access Sales Crediting Request

Customer Search and Filter

Add New Sales Crediting Request

Workflow Items

Access Workflow Items

Workflow Items Search and Filter

Approve/Reject Workflow Items

Workflow History

Year End

Access Year End

Year End Search and Filter

Add New Year End

View Year End Details

Edit Year End Details

Copy Year End Details

Delete Year End Record

Processing Steps

Execute Action

Access Execute Action

Execute Action Search and Filter

Add New Execute Action Master

Add Execute Action Details

View Execute Action Master Details

Edit Execute Action Master Details

Copy Execute Action Master Details

Delete Execute Action Master Record


Access Transactions

Transactions Search and Filter

Add New Transaction

View Transaction Details

Edit Transaction Details

Copy Transaction Details

Delete Transaction Record

Transaction Actions

Modify Customer ID

Make Transaction Active

Convert To Projection Transaction

Convert To Standard Transaction


Copy Transaction

Bulk Editing


Copy Transaction Line

Don’t Process Transaction



Preview Statement

Access Preview Statement

Preview Statements

Export Statement

Access Export Statement

Export Statements

Email Statement

Access Email Statement

Email Statements

Summary Statement YTD

Access Summary Statement YTD

Generate YTD Summary Statements

Commission Statement Writer

Access Commission Statement Writer

View Commission Statement

Custom Statement

Access Custom Statement

Custom Statement Search and Filter

Add New Custom Statement

View Custom Statement Details

Edit Custom Statement Details

Copy Custom Statement Details

Delete Custom Statement Record

Custom Report

Access Custom Report

Custom Report Search and Filter

Add New Custom Report

View Custom Report Details

Edit Custom Report Details

Copy Custom Report Details

Delete Custom Report Record


Custom Reports

Standard Reports

Credit Sales Reports

Credit for Transaction ID

Credit for Transaction Line

Credit Statement for Payee

Insurance Reports

Agency and Agent Report

Access Agency and Agent Report

Agency and Structure Report

Access Agency and Structure Report

Book of Business Report

Access Book of Business Report

Customer Profitability Report

Payee Profitability Detail Report

Payee Profitability Summary Report

Policies for Rep Report

Access Policies for Rep Report

Policy Cancellations Report

Access Policy Cancellations Report

Policy Profitability Report

Access Policy Profitability Report

Policy Renewals Report

Access Policy Renewals Report

Premiums not Received Report

Production by Producer Report

Miscellaneous Reports

Error Log Report

Access Error Log Report

Payee Label Report

Access Payee Label Report

Payout Reports

Adjustment for Payee Period

Access Adjustment for Payee Period

Commission by Check Number

Access Commission by Check Number

Payee YTD Incentive Summary

Access Payee YTD Incentive Summary

Payee YTD Summary Statement

Access Payee YTD Summary Statement

Sorted Commission Statement

Access Sorted Commission Statement

Transactions and Payouts Detail

Unpaid Commissions Report

Access Unpaid Commissions Report

Year to Date Commission Payout

Zero Payout

Access Zero Payout


Business Unit Setup

Access Business Unit Setup

Performance Reports

1099 Reportable amounts by Year

Job Profitability Report

Access Job Profitability Report

Payee Attainment against Goal

Payee Attainment against Goal

Payee Quota Report

Payee Quota Report

Business Unit Search and Filter

Add New Business Unit

View Business Unit Details

Payee Ranking by Attainment

Access Payee Ranking by Attainment

Edit Business Unit Details

Copy Business Unit Details

Delete Business Unit Record

Organization Structure

Add New Organization Structure

Report Security

Access Report Security

Report Security Search and Filter

Add New Report Security

View Report Security Details

Edit Report Security Details

Copy Report Security Details

Delete Report Security Record

User Security

Access User Security

User Security Search and Filter

Add New User

Edit User Details

Transaction Sales Reports

Delete User Record

User Actions

Payment by Transaction ID

Show Conversations

Role Security

Access Role Security

Access Payment by Transaction ID

Role Security Search and Filter

Add New Role

Payment by Transaction Line

View Role Details

Edit Role Details

Copy Role Details

Access Payment by Transaction Line

Delete Role Record

Email Server Settings

Access Email Server Settings

Add New Email Server Settings

View Email Server Settings

Edit Email Server Settings

Copy Email Server Settings

My Email Settings

Access My Email Settings

Add New Email Settings

View Email Settings

Edit Email Settings

Copy Email Settings

Delete Email Settings Record

Single Sign On

Access Single Sign On

Single Sign On Search and Filter

Add New Single Sign On

View Single Sign On

Edit Single Sign On

Copy Single Sign On

Delete Single Sign On Record

Audit Log Settings

Access Audit Log Settings

Add New Audit Log Settings

View Audit Log Settings

Edit Audit Log Settings

Copy Audit Log Settings

Delete Audit Log Settings Record

Time Zone Settings

Access Time Zone

Time Zone Search and Filter

Add New Time Zone

View Time Zone On

Edit Time Zone

Copy Time Zone

Delete Time Zone Record

Transaction by Gross Profit

Access Transaction by Gross Profit

Transaction Reports

Access Transaction Reports

Uncredited Transactions

Access Uncredited Transactions

Unpaid Transaction

Access Unpaid Transaction

Validation Reports

Report Designer

Access Report Designer

Add New Report

View Report Details

Edit Report Details

Copy Report Details

Delete Report Record

Report Actions

View Report

Query Designer

Access Query Designer

Query Designer Search and Filter

Add New Query

View Query Details

Edit Query Details

Copy Query Details

Delete Query Record

Query for Execute Action

Access Query for Execute Action

Add New Query for Execute Action

View Query Details

Edit Query Details

Copy Query Details

Delete Query Record

Query Actions

Execute Query

Data Rule Designer

Access Data Rule Designer

Add Data Rule

View Data Rule

Edit Data Rule Details

Copy Data Rule Details

Delete Data Rule Record

Data Rule Actions

SQL View


Change Password

Access Change Password

Change Your Password

Caption Renaming

Access Caption Renaming

Update Page Captions

Options List

Access Options List

System Configuration

Access System Configuration

Add New System Configuration

View System Configuration

Edit System Configuration

Copy System Configuration

Delete System Configuration Record


Access List

List Search and Filter

Add New List

Add List Details

View List Details

Edit List

Copy List

Delete List Record


Access Currency

Currency Search and Filter

Add New Currency

View Currency Details

Edit Currency

Copy Currency

Delete Currency Record

Process Status

Access Process Status

View Process Details

Edit Process Status


Access Messages

Messages Search and Filter

Add New Message

View Message Details

Edit Message

Copy Message

Delete Message Record

Jobs and Processes

Access Jobs and Processes

Add New Job


Backup Process

Access Backup Process

Backup Database

Create Process

Widget Designer

Access Widget Designer

View Job Details

Edit Job

Widget Designer Search and Filter

Add New Widget

Copy Job

Delete Job Record

View Widget Details

Job Schedule

Access Job Schedule

Edit Widget Details

Job Schedule Search and Filter

Copy Widget Details

Add New Job Schedule

Delete Widget Record

Widget Designer Actions

Preview Widget

Dashboard Designer

View Job Schedule Details

Access Dashboard Designer

Add New Dashboard

View Dashboard Details

Edit Dashboard

Copy Dashboard

Delete Dashboard Record

Edit Job Schedule

Analytics Designer

Copy Job Schedule

Access Analytics Designer

Delete Job Schedule Record

Job Specs

Add New Analytics

Access Job Specs

View Analytics Details

Job Specs Search and Filter

Edit Analytics

Copy Analytics

Add New Job Specs

Delete Analytics Record

Workflow Designer

Add Job Specs Detail

Access Workflow Designer

View Job Specs Details

Add New Workflow Ruleset

Add New Rule

Edit Job Specs

View Workflow Details

Copy Job Specs

Edit Workflow

Copy Workflow

Delete Job Specs Record


Delete Workflow Record

Access Caption

Workflow Designer Actions

Email Templates

Execute Workflow

Access Email Templates

Show Workflow History

Page Designer (Advanced)

Email Templates Search and Filter

Add New Email Template

Access Page Designer (Advanced)

View Email Template Details

Page Search and Filter

Edit Email Template

Add New Page

Copy Email Template

Delete Email Template Record

Mail Merge

Access Mail Merge

Add Control

Mail Merge Search and Filter

View Page Details

Edit Page

Add New Mail Merge

Copy Page

Delete Page Record

View Mail Merge Details


Copy Mail Merge

Add New Document

View Document Details

Edit Document


Copy Document


Delete Document Record

Access Registration

Calculate & Statements

Calculate Plans

Access Calculate Plans

Calculate Plans Process


Access Statements

Generate Commission Statement

Register QCommission Application

Manage Payees/Licenses

Access Manage Payees/Licenses


Export Options

Compose Email

Add Notes

Add Documents

Add Payee Certification

Add Job History

Add Payee Hours

Privacy Policy and Copyright

Changes to this Statement

Contact Information

Payee Other information